About us

At Gesink, it’s all about logistics. That is our job and we are good at it. This is partly because we have over 100 years of experience; it is in our genes. In everything we do, we focus on what the customer expects from us. Thereby constantly growing, and flourishing as a company. We have a flat organisation and short lines of communication. You will find this out if you choose to work with us. Since 2021, we are part of Rabelink Logistics.

Dutch language drivers

Research shows that the best drivers come from the Netherlands. This leaves countries like Germany, Belarus and Romania in our trail. That is a boost for the image of our industry! We are committed to good communication between our drivers, planners and clients. That should be clear and effective. Our drivers speak German or English.

Investing in ICT

Innovation is our top priority and therefore we invest heavily in our ICT policy. We have to, because in the logistics industry, ICT is extremely important. We have the most modern software systems so we can better inform and document. Through our KPI dashboard, we know exactly where we stand.

What makes Gesink innovative?

Leading, but never standing still. That is our strength! Whether it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and developing a suitable transport concept towards our customers. We are continuously working to provide customer-specific suitable solutions. Because every customer is unique! We seek and invest in long-term customer relationships. The same applies to our employees and suppliers.

We achieve this by, among other things:

  • Process optimisation for clients from finished goods to delivery to their clients
  • Online Gesink Portal; online order administration (order entry, status messages and order details)
  • Measuring is knowing; our KPI software increases the processing speed and directs new policy
  • Lean and Green leader in sustainability