Gesink is one of the oldest logistics providers in the Netherlands. We draw upon a rich history in the provision of road transport and solving other logistical issues. In the course of time we have innovated a lot and continue to do so. We continuously anticipate market developments and changing legislation and regulations. This is necessary to maintain our competitive advantage. Since 2021, we are part of Rabelink Logistics.


It must have been around the end of the 19th century when Arno Gesink’s great grandfather began with transport operations. With his horse and cart, he dragged the Zelhemse contractors’ wood from the forest and supplied it to the sawmill. He also took charge of the transport of sawn timber to the customer. He was known as a true entrepreneur and a busy bee. Gradually he acquired new transport customers in the coal trade. He also provided transport for the undertaker.


In the early 1920s, son Nölle continued the business and bought his first cars. They were American cars, Chevrolet and GMC. Just before World War II he had expanded his fleet to 6 cars. At that time, a precious possession.


During World War II, Nölle had to transfer his cars to the German occupation, who needed them for supplying the soup kitchens. Therefore his work as a carrier was no longer possible. Fortunately, he could fall back on his work as a farmer. He still carried out some rides, usually with horse and carriage.

After World War II

Immediately after the war, many transport companies used former US and Canadian trucks in order to carry out their transport activities again. Nölle was able to buy six trucks. He was mainly concerned with the transport of sand and livestock. He also transported construction materials and took on relocations. Nice touch; all products were in the truck. In 1958, Arnoldus bought his first DAF truck. He collected it himself from the factory in Eindhoven.


Nölle Dimmedal had one daughter. She got married on June 29, 1956 to Bennie Gesink, the father of Arno Gesink.


In 1966 Bennie Gesink took over the company from his father and changed the name from Dimmedal to Transport Company Gesink.


In 1979, the Dutch economy came under severe pressure, including rising oil prices. In this difficult year Arno Gesink took the first part of the business from his father at the age of 21. Because the construction business was suffering, Arno focused on groupage. In the first year as owner/director, he bought 10 cars that were suitable for cargo transportation.


In 1981, Arno Gesink took over the remaining shares. Because Bennie worked in the background, they retained valuable knowledge. Arno decided to divest in terms of animal transport, he also released the tippers (dump trucks). Since 1981, Gesink has mainly focused its attention on the transport of mixed cargo and building materials.


Gesink also suffered from the crisis. During these three difficult years Arno consciously chose to keep his well-trained staff. Just like his father, and his father before him, he feels responsible for ‘his’ people. By deciding to take the unproductive hours on board in this time, no valuable knowledge is lost.


On January 1st 2021, Rabelink Logistics has acquired Gesink Transport. With this deal all approximately 140 employees of Gesink have also been transferred, as well as the more than 100 trucks and 115 trailers. Arno Gesink will remain in office during the integration period of three years to ensure a smooth transition for employees and customers.

Under the name Gesink Logistics, we are now part of Rabelink, a subsidiary of the German Huettemann Group.