Our staff

Almost all of the people who work at Gesink Logistics were born and raised in the Achterhoek region. So yes, Gesink is a local business and we are proud of it.

The real Achterhoek

What is the Achterhoekse mentality? Well, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden meanings and we do not go back on promises we make. We do not feel too big to listen to our customers and help develop solutions that will truly help them further themselves. “It’s all good.”

People make Gesink

Also, logistics is about people! Take our staff in the workplace. They keep our vehicles in the best possible condition. Or our planners. They have to be excellent at solving puzzles. Because the route must be optimal and the cargo space divided so efficiently that we can keep our prices low and deliver goods undamaged. And our drivers should be able to move quickly. We don’t mean literally, of course. They need to think along with the customer and our company. In short; people make our company!