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No forklift available on site, or at any location? Are the products of a size and weight that make manual loading and unloading impossible? Then a truck mounted forklift is the solution for you. Around 25 of our trucks are on the move every day equipped with a truck mounted forklift. The forklift is transported on the back of our trucks. As a result, there is no loss of cargo space.

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Truck mounted forklift

Truck mounted forklift

Compared to conventional industrial forklifts, truck mounted forklifts are lighter and more agile. They can be used in places where accessibility is a challenge. So in places where unloading with a pallet truck through the tailgate is impossible, a truck mounted forklift is the ideal solution. We use 2- and 4-way truck mounted forklifts. The choice depends on the accessibility of the loading-unloading address and the length of the goods to be loaded and/or unloaded.

Fast operational

Fast operational

Truck-mounted forklifts can be disconnected within minutes. They guarantee a fast, safe and cost-effective delivery. You can scrap waiting times, the need to call upon certified forklift drivers is a thing of the past. Our drivers go straight to work.

Certified drivers

Certified drivers

All of our drivers are in possession of a valid forklift licence. In addition, they have an extensive experience. Besides practical experience, we train them internally so to increase their adaptability.

Own maintenance

Own maintenance

We maintain the forklifts at our own workshop.

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Our fleet consists of:

  • Over 25 mounted forklifts
  • Small trailers (approximately 10.5 metres) with steering axles to reach inaccessible locations
  • Large trailers (approximately 13.6 metres) with side curtains and a sliding cover with large cargo space
  • All units have a forklift connection
  • Both 2- and 4-way truck mounted forklifts
  • Cabinet trucks and trailers
  • Trailers with loading and unloading board and anti-theft sails