Do you need space to store your inventory and are you searching for a partner to provide storage space for your goods? Gesink has a warehouse with a storage capacity of 6,000 m2. Use of pallet racks is possible. You always keep complete visibility and control over your inventory. Moreover, you can be sure that your goods are stored under the best conditions. In addition to pallets, we also have ground locations available that we can use for bulk storage.

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You can count on:

You can count on:

  • Storage of goods
  • Long-term storage
  • Understanding your current stock
  • Entry and exit of goods (order picking)
  • Administrative processing
  • Professional team and one point of contact
Value added logistics (VAL)

Value added logistics (VAL)

Besides warehousing, i.e. storage of your goods, there are other activities that we can take care for you. As such, we unload your goods or provide entry and exit on the basis of the quality standards set. Additionally, there are other services you can leave to us:

  • Labelling, sealing, checking and repacking of goods
  • Taking care of custom technical issues
  • Ready for transport
  • Assemblage

Experience the passionate commitment of our permanent warehouse employees. We see your orders as our orders. That is the simple truth. That’s why we carry them out meticulously. It is possible to follow your status changes in the warehouse, therefore, wherever you are, you have online insight into your current stock.

Find out more?

Find out more?

Want to find out our excellent storage options? Or would you like to benefit from additional services? Call +31 (0) 314-62 64 20 or use the chat.